Broad Area
Maritime Surveillance

SAR and AIS sensors collocated on a low earth orbit remote sensing platform with a 10:30 am equator crossing, sun-synchronous orbit. The sensors locate compliant and non-compliant targets. The results are non-traditional asymmetric objects of interest and validated white shipping.

Protect Your Ports
Protect your ports of trade by proactively managing and calculating risk. Utilize Spatial-Eyes’ detailed vessel behavioral history, vessel compliance, and ownership and management documentation to enable reliable data-enabled decision-making.
Prevent Pirating
With the use of VIIRS and other space-based sensor data, protect your fishing areas from bad actors intent on pirating the fishing areas critical to our global economy and food supply.
Sustainable Fishing
Spatial-Eyes can provide solutions to enable sustainable commercial fishing practices that follow established laws, regulations, and agreements that will ensure healthy marine ecosystems and reduce overfishing and illegal fishing.
Dynamic Risk Assessment
Dozens of sources ingested with compliance, and maritime benchmarking, are used in identifying emerging threats and predicting developing deceptive shipping practices in advance with dynamic risk assessments and actionable context and insights.
Vessel Tracking
Ensure vessels entering your ports have not deviated from known shipping routes for unknown reasons.
Protect Controlled Areas
Detect, identify, and expose vessels engaged in illegal fishing within exclusive economic zones (EEZs) or controlled areas.
Collect Evidence
Collect visual evidence of illegal, unregulated, or unreported fishing or transshipments activities.