How we Deliver

Space-based Remote Sensing capability is evolving fast with the low earth orbit satellite revolution. These satellites vary from 50 to 400kg and host diverse payloads such as Synthetic Aperture Radar, Electro-Optical/Infra-red, Radio Frequency Intercept, and Automatic Identification Systems. The proliferation of downlink satellite dishes such as AWS Ground has reduced satellite data downlinks from hours to minutes.

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What we do


Priority 1

Our focus is to offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products and services to help address national security concerns.

Priority 2

To help indigenize the OEM products (software addressing ISR) with space leadership guidance.

Priority 3

To start building Small, Micro and Nano-satellites carrying diverse sensor payloads.


Maritime Patrol Aircraft missions typically cost ₹7.5 Lacs per hour with an average Indian Ocean mission extending to 10 hours. The use of sensors hosted on low earth orbit satellites is a cost-effective alternative with reduced latency.


SAR sensors deliver remote sensing during day and night conditions especially useful during inclement weather. They are being installed on 50Kg satellites.

RF Intercept

Software Defined Radio sensors are being deployed on Nano-satellites to provide location of non-compliant maritime traffic. They are most useful around the Indian Ocean.

ISR-PED Solutions

Change detection at sea is an art that needs to be exploited using AI/ML techniques with cloud-based computing. This will help deliver Tactical ISR to an obfuscated battlespace.